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Making Value

Being optimistic I’m finding asks to me to evaluate what is really valuable to me.  Optimism seems to be about choices.  We choose to be optimistic, we decide to see the silver lining or we select a standard of acceptance.  … Continue reading

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Choosing can seem like a bouquet of opportunity. We choose what to wear each morning, we choose a flavor of ice cream, and we even choose who to spend the rest of our lives with. Making a choice implies selecting … Continue reading

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Dear God, I think you are deaf.

Dear God, Right now, I beginning to think you are deaf.   Could you be possibly ignoring me?  I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired.  I’d like a little relief here.  First of all, why….why ….why at my age … Continue reading

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The Bird of Paradise

Most of the time I am an unusually positive and happy person, I make it a point to see the silver lining and move ahead. When found in a trying situation, I try to ask myself to walk in another’s … Continue reading

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Itchy Fingers

I have this issue every summer.  I think it’s due to humidity.  I have a difficult time wearing jewelry, especially rings or watches that hug closely to my skin because it gives me a red, itchy rash.   With most jewelry … Continue reading

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