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Warm Gooey Center

I love dessert.  I often select what I’m having for dinner at a restaurant based on what the dessert tray has to offer.  Give me a warm dessert with something amazing in the middle and I’m all over it!!  To … Continue reading

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German Chocolate Cake vs. A Bowl of Fruit

It’s an epic battle of snacks.  I realize that epic is similar to amazing and adorbs as words spoken and completely overused, sometimes in grammatically inappropriate situations by a generation younger than me.  However, this battle is truly epic….for realz. … Continue reading

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A Noteworthy Affinity for Birthday Cake

Earlier this week I was reading a magazine article and the writer described herself as having a “noteworthy affinity for birthday cake”.  I immediately felt a kindred spirit.  I love dessert, but nothing tastes better than birthday cake.  Oh sure, … Continue reading

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