I have been hitting the reset button. We all need to do this once in a while when our routine gets thrown off course. I am no exception to this karmic rule. The things that nourish me spiritually; writing, playing music and reading have fallen down to the bottom of my priority list. I have had to travel more than I usually do and have had some family obligations that have had me spinning plates out of obligation. When I don’t do those things that feed my soul I find myself wandering a little lost and in deep need of a spiritual realignment.


Definition:  alignment (noun) ah lahyn muh nt  1.  The act of aligning or state of being aligned; especially the proper position or state of adjustment of parts (as of a mechanical or electronic device) in relation to each other.  2.  A forming in line.  3. The ground plan (as of a railroad or highway) I distinction from the profile.


To me this opportunity to readjust and reprioritize is a tremendous blessing. Each time this happens I witness for myself personal growth like no other time in my life. That recognition of what feeds my spirit is essential to drawing closer to God and I only seem to have this opportunity of recognition when I hit an emotional or spiritual low. It brings an understanding of the gifts I have been given and allows me to be more appreciative of them.

What on earth does this mean??

I’ll give you an example.

A few months ago, I had a similar reset button experience. Everyone else’s priorities were pushing mine to the side. I was feeling exceptionally tired and overwhelmed. The need for sleep, more exercise or a better diet had all crossed my mind but my attempts to add what I thought was missing was not hitting the mark or making a dent in those negative feelings. In a brief moment of purposeful reflection I decided to ask God….”what is going on????”, and as usual, God answered very clearly: “you haven’t meditated in about a month – we need to talk!”.

My realignment moment was brief but very clear. I had not connected with God purposefully in several weeks until that moment. Although this thoughtful and intentional connection was fleeting, it was extremely powerful and dramatically impacted the way I handled these reset moments from that moment forward.

So, here I am at another repositioning moment. But this time, I meet it while I have been regularly giving myself time with God. I wasn’t at the rock-bottom of an emotional valley when I noticed it was time to readjust.   While I meditated and allowed God to sit with me and speak to my heart I have heard exactly what God’s message was………”allow me to feed your spirit and you can feed others.”.  Throughout this emotionally unstable time God kept at it by gently reminding me it was time to write, time to read or time to play some music.  These are the things that allow me to replenish and be of use to God.

Maybe for you it’s something a little different.  Perhaps what feeds your spirit is creating in the kitchen, being crafty or digging in the dirt and making something bloom.  Whatever it is, take some time to realign and sit with God.  Notice what is going on physically when you sit.  See how that communion with God actually feels so you know it’s coming from The Source.  You will notice that it feels pretty darn good.

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